Intertie Silent Keys  

We dedicate this page to those Intertie Silent Key Members who contributed in so many ways to the construction and maintenance of the Intertie Linked System. Intertie Members left behind will always remember the fun times we shared, the accomplishments and their contributions made over the years. The photos on this site are a small part of what we all continue to enjoy. Our Intertie Silent Keys will never be forgotten as they remind us of the comraderie and companionship during our travels to each and every site.

Albert Bean, WB5FWR
Norm Brines, WB5TJZ
Wayne Casson, K5KES
David Chavez, N5CU
Alton "Jack" Feeney, KD4KL
Louis Guido, Jr., N5JKH
Stu Hacken, WV6H
Dan Johnson, W5YOY
Blake Kothman, W5ORG
Mary Lobaugh, KD5VDZ
Robert Lobaugh, W5JYJ
Fred Maberry, N5BBO
Bruce Olcott, WB5SQO
Marty Plass, KA5LZG
Duane Price, WB5VWX
Al Richards,WA5JEC
Harry Ridenour,N0CCW
Paul Roper, N5SUE
David Sellers, KB5LAI
Terry Simons, KE5FKT


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