Intertie Incorporated is a private amateur radio 501(c)(3) organization whose members have constructed and operate 23 remotely controlled base stations, (Remote Base), interconnected through full duplex links. These linked systems cover a large part of Texas and are an integral part of the larger
Cactus Intertie System consisting of over 150 Remote Base sites and 20 affiliate clubs.

Intertie Incorporated operates these 23 systems primarily through the 70 cm spectrum. Each Remote Base site is optimized for maximum wide area coverage.
Click here to see the Cactus Intertie System basic system map (revised 2/23/08).

Following the letter and intent of the FCC regulatory structure for amateur radio, Intertie Incorporated provides wide area emergency communications coverage, supports various public service events and provides training to the general public where applicable.

The repeater network is available for all licensed radio amateurs. We encourage those using the system regularly to become a member of the respective
Cactus Intertie System affiliated club in their area. Membership dues, donations and other private funding defray the cost of system maintenance, expansion and upgrades.

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