Current Events 2019

Fort Lancaster site June 2019

For over a year we have mourned the loss of our link from Ft Lancaster to Sonora. Photos show a damaged driven element on the Sinclair 307 10 dBd Yagi link antenna which is mounted at 250 feet above ground. We theorize this was due to ice damage.

Several Intertie members drove from Austin, San Antonio and Fort Stockton. After an overnight stay with a replacement Sinclair 307-2 dual Yagi replacement in hand efforts to replace the damaged unit were unsuccessful for lack of an appropriate tower mount.

After separating individual components the replacement was installed. This resulted in a SWR from 3:1 on the original damaged unIt to a 1.13:1 SWR today.

The link to Sonora proved uncooperative due to apparent mains power loss. Although a disappointment for the crew in Ft. Lancaster making a full link check impossible, our sincerest thanks is due from all of us.

See the Site Gallery for Fort Lancaster for photos.