San Antonio North

This station shares space with many others on a fine site in northeast San Antonio. In addition to providing a UHF blanket for the city and Bexar County, the radio links to Choate and thence to Odem south, to Blanco and to Austin and Kerrville to the north and to San Antonio West and ultimately, California to the west. Freestanding towers are tough to climb. Special hardware is needed for antenna mounts.

San Antonio North 1

San Antonio North 2

San Antonio North 3

San Antonio North 4

This is our main switching center. The Palomar controller also supports 2 frequency-agile remote base transceivers on 2 meters and 220 MHz.

The station is mounted in several cabinets: From the left, Links to Choate and San Antonio West, Link to Blanco and 2-meter, 220 MHz remote bases, our single point grounding system and "Dinkerator" surge protector, Palomar controller, MASTR-II standby repeater and Motorola MSF-5000 repeater.

San Antonio North 5

San Antonio North 6

San Antonio North 7

San Antonio North 8