This site is located near Marathon, just east of the Big Bend National Park. It looks down on US 90 from a 4,875' AMSL hill.

A 100' tower supports two back-fire parabolic reflector antennas for linking plus a collinear dipole array.

The site links Pandale to Ft Stockton. It is partially solar and wind powered, with these electrons powering a co-sited relay station/repeater for the West Texas Connection, as well as an APRS digipeater.

Longfellow Introduction Shot

LFW Approach 6_17

LFW South View 6_17

LFW North View 6_17

LFW PAraflector North2 6_17

LFW Paraflector North 6_17

LFW Solar W5KTX 2 6_17

Longfellow Solar Panels


LFW Rigs KTX PGH 6_1`7

\Longfellow New Station 2012

LFW WX 6_17