Mt. McElroy

The site is located in Jeff Davis County, high in the Davis Mountains at 6,597' MSL. It covers a very large area west of Ft. Stockton Texas. We have operated there for over 24 years. Access is via 15 miles of difficult caliche road, requiring top notch tires and over 2½ hours in low gear.

The next eleven photos are from our most recent site visit. As you can see the guys took a break for lunch on a telephone pole, (no, it was not vertical!), near the covered solar panels. Those belong to Intertie and are temporarily out of service to insert a disconnect switch. Cut and paste this link: and it will take you to an aerial video of the site.

The remaining solar panels belong to other site residents. The property owner graciously allowed permission and access to fly the UAV/Drone for these awesome photos and video.

The last five photos are from previous visits. You can see the changes and improvements over time.

MElroy aerial 1

Mcelroy Aerial 11

McElroy Aerial 10

McElroy Aerial 6

McEelroy aerial 12

McElroy Aerial 7

McElroy Aerial 9

McElroy Aerial 8

MElroy aerial 2

McElroy Aerial 4

McElroy Aerial 3

These are the older photos noted above and remain for comparison

Mount McElroy 0

Mt McElroy 101

Mt McElroy 178

Mt McElroy 179

Mt McElroy May 2012