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This AC Over-Voltage Protector [OVP] is designed to protect your repeater from spikes and over-voltage [lightning] coming in from your AC utilities. The OVP is good for 15 to 20 amps at 120 VAC. The OVP box is equivalent to a PolyPhaser power line protector  [pldo-120us20a: about $350].

Construction inside a metal box is best. A #6 solid copper wire should attach to the box to earth ground to make it work! The OVP is made to hang on the wall, then feed your repeater cabinet. Use a copper (Cu) lug, remove the paint under the lug and apply a layer of Noalox anti-oxidant joint compound under the lug. Please see the photos for construction details.

Inside your repeater cabinet you should have another power strip (maybe an Iso-bar) with OVP. Always have more than one protector in series. All wiring should be done with #12 copper. The AC cord should be a minimum # 12 gauge. The main coils are wired on 1/2"dia. PVC pipe x 8 1/4" long with 2" screws to hold off the coil forms. Wind 59 turns of #12 Cu and leave extra wire at each end for hookup. Use the 130vac 23mm size MOVS.  Mount (2) MOVS* per leg [H to N, N to G, H to G] and (3) MOVS on the output of the EMI filter.

The EMI filter needs to have a [bare]  #12 cu. wire soldered from its metallic case to ground. Fusing at 15A would be better than 20A if you do not need the extra power. Making coils [5 to 7 turns, 1/4" diameter] with left over wire between hookups never hurts. Lightning gets dizzy in the coils and quits!

 Total costs =$52.50  +\ - your junk box parts

 *MOVS wear out with time and even faster with only minor spikes. So if you are using an OVP that is 5 years old and not blown up; change the MOVS.

Transzorbs do not wear out and clamp voltages accurately with no over shoot.

If youve got the bucks, you can substitute a General Semiconductors Transzorb [#587b151, 15A, which will blow a 15A fuse (and not blow up)




  1. 1    Pull-Box, 10"x10"x4", Hubbell SC101004,  [Lowe's]

  2. 1   2-socket, surface-mount steel electrical box   [Lowe's]

  3. 1   Steel outlet cover  [Lowe's]

  4. 1   Dual 20A AC outlet, gray color – commercial grade  [Lowe's]

  5. 1   AC cord +plug #12 gauge (Buy an extension cord and cut the outlet off).

  6. 1   15A/20A ceramic 3AG fuse + fuse holder [Hosfelt, 31-774, 342014A]

  7. 1   EMI filter, 20A     [Hosfelt 927-188]

  8. 2   Capacitor, .01uF @ 1.6Kv [Digikey 495-1372-ND]

  9. 1   17 in.  PVC, 1/2"  [Lowe's]

10. 2   Ground lugs for #6Cu.   [Lowe's]

11. 1   AC wire clamp  [Lowe's]

12. 1 1/2" steel nipple and 2 nuts to secure outlet box     [Lowe's]

13. 1   Yellow wire nut   [Lowe's]

14.  4   RF Chokes, ~ 0.12 mH; 7 turns  #12 insulated solid copper house wire, wound on ¼ drill. (L1, L5 black wire, L2, L6 white wire)

14.  2   RF Chokes: ~ 10.24 mH2; 59 turns #12 insulated solid copper house wire, wound on 13/16 o.d. white PVC. (L3 back wire, L4 white wire). 22 feet of wire required for each coil.

15. 22 ft. white #12 Cu solid wire [Lowe's]

16.  9   MOVS :130vac/150vac, quarter size,23mm [Hosfelt V150LA20B]

17.  Optional General Semiconductor Industries Transzorb # 587b151 (15A), or 587b201(20A)  [Arrow]


Figure 1. An AC Overvoltage Protector



Hosfelt; Electronics, Inc.

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1 Consultant, Intertie, Inc.


2         Inductance values nominal, calculated as air core inductor, using formula, page 6.22, ARRL Handbook 2001. American Radio Relay League, Newington, CT  06111. Permeability of PVC pipe was not considered.

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