Corpus Christi South

This is the station site as of 2009. Note the lack of rust and antennas in the photo below. Also note the cabinet configuration.



Located near the Gulf of Mexico in Corpus Christi, Texas, this emergency-powered station stands ready to provide coms backup in the event of natural disaster, as from frequent hurricanes on the coast.

As of 2017 you see the first of our newly designed link stations. Consisting of pairs of Motorola CDM 1250's, each duplex system is managed via an interface board and our I-Square™️ controller. At this station, the incoming link signal is detected, a COS signal generated and sent on to a Motorola MTR-2000 repeater. The repeater signal is radiated by the Super Station Master™️ 10 dBd omni-directional antenna; the link signal is carried on a small Decibel Products DB-436 Yagi shown about 10 feet below the roof line.


CRP Link Rear